DraculaHosts recurring affiliate program is like no other. You are paid 20 percent every month per account allowing you to build a sizeable monthly income for yourself. Most affiliate programs only pay you once, we pay you every month! We want to reward people who trust our services, and refer new clients to us. In order to do that, we have decided to implement our recurring affiliates program. Our affiliate program will allow anyone who refers a new client to DraculaHost the chance to earn residual income every month, not just once.

It’s easy! You simply place our text link or on your website and when someone clicks the link or and signs up for an account, you get paid for every month they have an account with DraculaHost!

This program is a great way for you to make an extra monthly income while providing those you know with the services of a reputable, professional website hosting company.
The DraculaHost Affiliate Advantage :

* Start earning 20% monthly per account you refer to us!
* 20% recurring monthly commission rate that pays you every month, not just once!
* It is 100% FREE to join!
* Account setup is both quick and easy
* Ongoing monthly commission payouts (60 day hold for fraud verification)
* Real-time sales and payment stats with traffic reports
* 90 day cookie tracking
* Banners and Links we provide for your use.